Therapies for Heart Attacks
Anatomical contours of left and right ventricles of a heart for computational mechanics of biomaterial injections in the treatment of myocardial infarction
Finite element model of deformed vascular prosthesis
Finite Element Analysis
Partial finite element model of a vascular prosthesis illustrating deformation caused by blood pressure
Brain Imaging
Three-dimensional fibre map of the brain derived from magnetic resonance imaging data
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Have you ever wondered what happiness looks like to a mathematician? Now you can get the answer - based on functional magnetic resonance imaging and computational modelling.

NOTO GOUREY DIAME, Senegal (April 19, 2010) Cmdr. Antonio Rodriguez, senior medical officer for Africa Partnership Station (APS) West, holds a Senegalese baby during a medical outreach project. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by 2nd Lt. Nicole P. Teat/Released)

Nailah Conrad and Tania Douglas describe in the Mail & Guardian how our division's activities in education and innovation in health contribute to develop effective health innovators.


Students intending to start MSc or PhD studies in the Division of Biomedical Engineering in 2015 are strongly encouraged to apply for an NRF Free-standing, Innovation and Scarce Skills Masters and Doctoral Scholarship. Applications must be submitted online before UCT's internal deadline of 4th August 2014. Applicants need to identify and contact a potential supervisor in the Division ahead of time to arrange a research proposal that is required for the application.

Our list of South African companies involved in medical device development and manufacturing as well as healthcare technology has been updated. It provides now details of approximately 90 companies with details of products and location.